It is the definition of nigger except it's used among white people. It is commonly used to call a white person a stupid white boy and that's were the word wigger came from.
You stupid wigger, hay saniqua look at that stupid wigger
by Realinfo December 13, 2013
Wigger – Ghetto white individuals (usually males) that acts gangster-ish or that they are from the “hood”. They are usually seen dressed baggy and saggy clothing and sometimes hip hop style clothing, try to talk in ebonics, walk in a left-right hood strut, usually are seen driving buicks, impalas, old mustangs or bass bumping SUVs, while most would have a fondness of owning a new mustang, corvette or Cadillac. They tend to favor the hip hop and some also into grunge rock music. Majority of them also have heavy association with weed or other drugs, either through using or selling They are usually the targeted demographics of being pulled over by cops as cops tend to profile them as having a high probability of drug possession.

Notable examples: Eminem, Paul Wall, Jesse Pinkman – fictional character from Breaking Bad tv series.

^^^^ Note: the definition above is strictly for humor and stupidity. It is in no way meant to be taken seriously or accurate. ^^^^
Two police cars pulled over a beat up Chevy Impala with bass bumping from a Lil Wyte track and is rolling on chrome 19s. Then a Wigger came out wearing a backwards baseball cap, wife beater, gold chains and saggy sweats with his boxers exposed on top. The cop then searched him and busted him for carrying over 100 grams of marijuana. As the cop tried to cuffed him, he broke free and tried running away. But his low sagging sweats eventually slipped off as he had to stopped running to pull them back up. With this, the cop caught up and tackled him and cuffed him. The Wigger than verbally lashed out at the 5-0 with his ebonics for always picking on him as he was arrested for the 2nd time this month. He then called and beg his multi-millionaire parents to bail him out, while his white cornrow donned girlfriend began swearing ebonics at the 5-0 in the detention facility waiting area.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out January 09, 2012
In the Orthodox Jewish community, a woman who wears a wig.
Why did that wigger by a wig to cover her hair?

Look at that group of wiggers wearing wigs.
by Chippyster April 15, 2011
a white guy who acts black,but i have to admit when they talk its fuckin hilarious
wigger,yo nigga wat up yo u know how it be up in my hood dems da tuffest suburbs on dis hear earph/earth.
by kyfuovjfufrfygrfh December 29, 2008
A white kid trying to act as if he is much older, and has much darker skin, especially populating large suburban areas of the south.They drive large trucks that are paid for by their parents, or crappy cars that they paid for - usually with the sound system costing more than the vehicle. They prefer whatever slang is popular amongst current bad rap artists, or 90% of all music stations in Montgomery, Alabama. Oddly they are not seen very much around the people they are trying to emulate - probably because even thugs can spot a dumb ass. They populate convenience store parking lots late at night, after being run off by cops at Wal Mart. They indulge in the expensive habits of buying rillos (or even worse graparillos) to roll joints and try as hard as they can to sound ghetto unless a person of authority is around - at which point they sound just like any other dumb redneck kid.Especially offensive terms like nigga are used for any other white friend, and faggot refers to anything they don't understand. Which is usually a lot.
That stupid fucking wigger would get his ass kicked if he ever showed up in ANY hood.

If that fucking wigger calls me pimpin one more time, I'm gonna shove a John Denver record up his ass.

Why do all these wiggers think Scarface and Tupac are heroes? And what's with Bob Marley- like they'd listen to anything that isn't played on the radio.

No we don't have Krunk Juice you fucking cunt!
by Use spell check, you morons! August 15, 2008
white kid who thinks he's from the projects but actually lives in a million dollar home in Greenwood Village, somehow gets ass from idiot rich ditzes, and goes to Creek games twisted
then they rap and put it on myspace
Dash is such a wigger, thinks he can rap.
Alex acts like he's from the projects.
by kmart0ballerado October 22, 2007
Pretty Much, K-Fed (Kevin Fedirline}
K-fed went out today in his Sean John jeans and G-unit T-shirt, what a wigger
by AMIEEE December 27, 2006

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