a white person trying to be ghetto
The guy who lives next door to me is such a wigger
by Cecelia March 30, 2005
It is the definition of nigger except it's used among white people. It is commonly used to call a white person a stupid white boy and that's were the word wigger came from.
You stupid wigger, hay saniqua look at that stupid wigger
by Realinfo December 13, 2013
In the Orthodox Jewish community, a woman who wears a wig.
Why did that wigger by a wig to cover her hair?

Look at that group of wiggers wearing wigs.
by Chippyster April 15, 2011
a caucasion male in a suburban predominantly white environment who wishes he was black........and often displays the following traits

1.......wearing oversized clothing, especially baggy jeans by avirex, cooji, artful dodger, ecko, south pole, 5ive jungle, ed hardy, rocawear, brooklyn express
2..... speeking in ways stereotypically associated with blacks like "i know thats real", "ill holla atcha" "wuz up cuz", "down low", FORREAL, aight..............and DOUBLE NEGATIVES, USE OF THE N WORD AS A COMPLIMENT
2....... embraces stereotypical aspects of black culture ex: player image, hip hop thug and hustler image, mysoganistic aspects such as viewing women as hos, embracing the WORST aspects of behavior that has hurt black communities (ex: gangs, thugs, drug dealers, worthless people who cant hold jobs and get nowhere, uneducated ignorant 30 year old men who DONT know how to dress or take care of themselvves or talk)

4...... EMBRACING HIP HOP MUSIC with MUCH less emphasis on R&B, gospel and other real music
5......... violent, hardcore wannabeish punk freestyles with NO sense of rhythm
6....... use of BLING, GOLD CHAINS, GRILLS, jewlry and flare associated with hip hop and that form of materialism
7........ lack of street smarts or understanding of black culture and embracing what they see of it in the media
malibus most wanted had a wigger whose parents were trying to scare it out of, ali G is a wigger and makes fun of that lifestyle, gran torino briefly had a scene where a wigger with NO street smarts thought he was so black and stepped over the line and had NO idea of it until he got beat up.
by andrew hendrix March 27, 2010
Young white males between the ages of 13-25 that suffer from an identity crisis and co-opt Black Culture. Over 85% of the white males stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 fall under this definition.
John: Hey, did you get orders to the Reagan?

Chris: Yeah?...

John: Well, bust out your Tupac CD's because that ship's full of wiggers...
by 450 Ryder February 04, 2010
Old School (before rap & hip-hop) - White Nigger / Wigger - Any White person (especially female) that acts like, speaks like or dates Niggers (Blacks) (especially those from the ghetto).

A term of derision.

Lower than Poor White Trash. Though usually a Wigger is Poor White Trash.
I could barely understand what that Wigger was saying! And did see the corn rows in her hair? If I didn't know she was White I would swear she was a Nigger.
by Simon Bar Sinister July 11, 2009
1. (A term used to describe a caucasion, usually male person, who talks, dresses, and acts as if they are black. Many of them prefer having black friends over having white friends, some even have no white friends at all. They wear high top sneakers, triple fat goose winter jackets, baseball caps with a flat rim brought down almost as far as their eyes, and jeans that are 5 sizes too big which hang very lightly over their hip bones. Many speak as though they were Dr. Dre himself.)

2. (A white person who WISHES, whether secretly or not, that they were black instead of white.)

*note added: This term applies ONLY to caucasian people, as speaking "black" basically means to talk like you're a rapper, and there are MANY hispanics and asians out there who talk this way but yet you may not refer to them as "wiggers."
John: "Daaaaag yo, that bitch is bangin', dog!"

Eddie: "Dude, stop speaking ebonics. YOU'RE WHITE! You're not in N.W.A."

John: "Maaaan, why you gotta hate on me all the time, G?"

Eddie: "Cuz, I'm hoping that you being a wigger and all is just a phase you're going through, and that it'll be over soon!"
by hitman617 June 15, 2009

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