A white person, normally male, who has adopted the African American 'hip-hop' culture. Usually starts out by listening to hip-hop, and 'gangsta' artists, but soon falls deeper into this culture. The suffix "igger" is meant to mimic the word Nigger. The diffeence between a nigger and a black man is simple. Black people are normal human beings (who CAN listen to solely hip-hop) that do not try to act "hard" and use uncomprehensive slang. However a Nigger likes to wear clothes that are too big, leave the price tags on their clothing to show how much one paid for the particular item, and wear large logoed name brand clothing. They also exaggerate the fact they are "strapped", usually means carrying a 9 millimeter handgun. Of course the wigger simply means white nigger, as in a caucasian who has the nigger lifestyle. Claiming to have been from the streets, and been with many women, or "bitches". The personality of one such person usually consits of negative attitudes. Such as: speech or actions behind an enemy's back, uncomprehendable slang, spineless, evasive, and weak. 95% of the time one such person's freinds are exactly like him. Most end to have very then light colored facial hair, and wear large chains said to be platinum and diamond crested, however these said chains are usually from a quarter machine made to look real and have no value whatsoever. Most tend to have a nickname meant to make them sound younger, or cute, in attempt to attract women.
Wigger: "Yo young blood, raise it for a true pimp."

Nigger: "You know how we do shortay!"

White person: "Hi Roy, are you going to the bar tonight?"

Black person: "Yeah, I'll be there after work, my career tends to be time conuming."
by Metal_forever June 28, 2006
fucking douchebag, stinky ass, stoner-drunk, loser gay fags who often suck each others tiny penises, usually suck complete ass at basketball. try to be cool, but are only gay. can't fight worth shit unless the whole "crew" is there, then they'll talk shit all day long, but when your friends showup, they're complete pussies. super fags. white people trying to be black.
joe rodrigues is a wigger(frodo with hair grown out), joe peltier is a wigger(tiny ass shit talker, who stinks. also pisses and moans when he doesn't get XXXL shirts only XLtrue story because XL isn't gangster enough and he likes to make it look like hes wearing a dress, which he might as well because hes so faggish he could just be a woman), kyle varner is a wigger(fuck him, right in the ass with his own bling. also has sex with fat older chickstrue story), shawn jacques is a wigger(parnel. tall, lanky ass mofo that things petty crime makes him cool), justin sarmento is a wigger(obsessed stalker who can't leave rachel alone, even though he cheated on her and lied about it then had gay butt sex with the other 4 in here and still tries to get rachel back even though she doesn't like him at all because hes a complete scumbag loser who tries too hard to be black. then when he feels sad he gets high and drunk with the other 4 and continue their rigorous butt plunging. ),
by wiggers are faggots July 12, 2006
A wanna be black brother who wears their pants at their mid thigh so as to show their ass and underwear all the time. They used to drive whoopties and or other vehicles that are dropped to the ground. Currently wiggers dress as such and drive retired police cars that they bought at an auction. They still the have spot lights in place with a redneck lift kit and 24 inch treads.
One black brother speaking to another..." 'sup my nig?, did you see that stupid wigger mutha fucka"
by shizzyforrizzie November 30, 2007
Most everyone on here is very racist, that's what I will start by saying.

You know how you guys dress the way your favorite bands do? Well if someone likes a rap a lot, they might want to dress the way their favorite rappers/idols dress. It shouldn't be about race. Most of these kids who dress like this had a bad childhood, and they turn to rap/graffiti as something they can be involved in. It makes them feel like they're apart of something. You people just jump right to thinking that they think they're black, or that they want to be black, which in reality is far from true. Some of these people who you call a "wigger" can be a normal person, they don't all act hard/stupid like you people think.
If you call someone a wigger, then you're racist.
by Skuf March 18, 2007
a white person who thinks they are black.
Lucas Robinson
by Chris December 14, 2003
A white person who tries to impress black people by talking in ebonics. Wiggers have a self esteem issue and are therefore unable to be themselves. They feel the need to impress people by stealing other people's personalities.
Jamie Pickett and Lee Brewer
by Cambridge October 30, 2003
An epithet that is applied to a modern youth, or youths who emulate the African American's Stereotypical ways of life. Such people are often quite ignorant about the true culture of such, and they tend to insult the African American's culture and status by referring to them as niggers, And then say that all black people act like hoodlums and criminals. The truth is that all cultures and races have stereotypical traits, yet these people who act wannabe-black probably don't realize or care that their behaviors could be seen as making a mockery out of another ethnic group's culture and way of life. This is why some "Wiggers" are never truly accepted by either the African American community or by their own race.
Jacob is a wigger who thinks that Black people all act, dress, and talk the same, he calls his white buddies "nigga" yet he probably doesn't have enough balls to dare call a black that way. Wannabe Black Wankster poser to an African American man: Yo sup mah nigga? African American: What!!
"White Kid" gets killed.
by Phaenixdrools January 31, 2009
Old lady with a hair style/color that appears to be a wig, even though it is not. Examples include vibrant orange hair that has spent many nights in velcro rollers, and hair that looks as though it is still contained in a hair net.
Blanche is a wigger.

(on left) http://artfiles.art.com/images/-/The-Golden-Girls-Photograph-C10102807.jpeg
by Rose Bush August 16, 2008

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