A sad, pathetic little creature who deserves to get his azz kicked by both whites and blacks alike. The typical wigger is a 15 year old white boy in the middle of puberty who has no sense of self, and certainly no self-respect, who embraces the mannerisms and lifestyle of societies worst, the inner city gansta. An odd phenomonon indeed. With role models to look up to such as Vanilla Ice and Eminem, this person will live have a sad, dead-end life.
When Jonny came home for dinner last night, his mother noticed with shock another black eye on her little boys face. Daddy turned to him and said: THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A WIGGER. NOW EAT YOUR WHITE BREAD AND MACCARONNI.
by Jeff February 11, 2005
The most lowest types of life form in the universe. It's someone (or something) who can't accept who they are and tries to act like someone else. In this case, it's a white person who tries the hardest to be a black person. They think that will be accomplished by typing and talking like they have NO EDUCATION other than maybe kindergarten, wears shirt that fit 3 people, sags like a bitch, wears Jordan shoes, and excessive blings.

But the most common way to tell if someone's a piece of shit wigger is see how he talk/spells, wiggers tend to misspell things on purpose to look cool.

Wiggers also throw around signs when they speak (without knowing what those signs really mean, just throwing around fingers/hands) and when they get fucked up because they offended someone they wonder why.

Lowest types of life form in the universe, a disgrace to human beings.
Eminem is NOT a wigger.

Characterized by a white person who ONLY hangs out with black people, try to fit in by talks/dress just like them, sags, wears Jordans, pick on kids, etc.

(see Dumbass and Douche bags)
by ADFDD111 January 29, 2011
A wigger also called poser, is a shortening of white (some say wannabe) nigger. These people often talk about the ghetto but live in gated communities. They act like your average, typical, unedgicated nigger. they are rich little bitches who talk like "Bitch say dat agin an im own pop a cap in yo mo-fuckin ass nigga!" They are hung like squirrels, and are as smart as your average toddler. They often spread hate about other social groups such as emo, gothic, etc. Long story short, they just need to fuck off and die.
Wigger 1: "Yo nigga, you wana see my 5 story mansion? it so gangsta bitch."
Wigger 2:" hellz yea nigga. but first i gotz to go to polo practice. im so gangsta when it comes to ridin horses. I even named my horse tupac."
Wigger 1: aight dawg ill catch yo ass lata
by WiggerHater2008 December 05, 2008
A caucasian male or female that usually reside in upper or middle class suburbs that choose to imitate African American slang and culture and pretty much live a fake lifestyle.
That wigger is trying too hard to act black.
by SamuraiNegro407 July 11, 2008
a white guy that tries to be down with black people and they think they are black
man white boy you try to hard to act black. you aint nothing but a wigger
by candace mcc. May 14, 2007
It is the definition of nigger except it's used among white people. It is commonly used to call a white person a stupid white boy and that's were the word wigger came from.
You stupid wigger, hay saniqua look at that stupid wigger
by Realinfo December 13, 2013
A wannabee nigger who deserves to get a beating from both Whites and Blacks alike.

A very pitiful and culturally deprived young White man who dresses and tries to act like Blacks. They're the ones with the backwards hats, the baggy clothing and listen to rap music.

All to often these wiggers come from middle class families and live 20 miles from the nearest ghetto.
Paulie: Look at Mike over there with those baggy shorts and backwards Reds hat. What a wigger

Jason: Yeah hes a loser
by Dewar Boyd August 08, 2012
An acronym for:






That stupid WIGGER used to listen to Death Metal bands in Middle School!
by dalinian August 19, 2011
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