A sad, pathetic little creature who deserves to get his azz kicked by both whites and blacks alike. The typical wigger is a 15 year old white boy in the middle of puberty who has no sense of self, and certainly no self-respect, who embraces the mannerisms and lifestyle of societies worst, the inner city gansta. An odd phenomonon indeed. With role models to look up to such as Vanilla Ice and Eminem, this person will live have a sad, dead-end life.
When Jonny came home for dinner last night, his mother noticed with shock another black eye on her little boys face. Daddy turned to him and said: THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A WIGGER. NOW EAT YOUR WHITE BREAD AND MACCARONNI.
by Jeff February 11, 2005
skinny white niggers; seen mostly in malls and parking lots. known to hang around with ugly fat white chicks. dresses like a fool.
vanilla ice, snow, m&m ect.
by Dave C September 30, 2003
Wannabe nigger
white person who think hes black
Eminem aint a wigger, he's just a white rapper
by FChic December 25, 2003
wigger is EITHER white or wannabe nigger. there are asian wiggers, because aigger doesn't sound right. The whole thing doesn't really make sense. There are some stuck up, prissy ass black people, and white shits that live in the ghetto. Everybody is so stereotypical these days, christ.
Wigger: sup, m'nizzle? Fo' shizzle tizzle!
Some random guy: what the fuck? (kicks the guy in the balls)
Wigger: Don' be hatin', brotha (groan)
by el white boy September 10, 2005
1. A white person, usually a young male, who believes that they are from the ghetto. Usually found in suburbia. They are easily recognizable by their hip-hop clothing, overly flashy cars that blare 50 Cent, and their use of ebonics. However, if they did go to the ghetto, they would be dead.
2. See also Kevin Federline.
3. See also Icy Hot Stuntaz.
4. See also Justin Timberlake.
Wiggers lower the collective IQ of the world.
by Lucy M. July 04, 2005
An incredibly stupid white kid who needs his ass whooped. His parents need to whoop his ass, and you may do it too.
Look at that idiotic wigger. Let's go whoop his ass.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
A group of caucasian people who want to be african american.
"Oh, damn it. There's the wigger crew again." - Person who sees the wigger posse
"Damn wiggers!" - His friend
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
A wigger is a white person who is trying to be black. He usually isn't very good at being black.

If you are white and were born in a ghetto, it's okay if you act black. Otherwise you suck ass. That's my philosophy.

Just be yourself.
I went to Kindergarten with a bunch of black people, but my family moved. So I'm not gonna even try to be a wigger.
by BlueArmoredWolf January 12, 2004

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