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What happens after bridezilla gets married. Often spotted waving left hand in the air while roaring with narcissistic glee.
Holy crap, I thought things would get better after the wedding, but now she's a total wifezilla.
by pamitha July 02, 2010
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A woman that started off cool, but turned into a total pain in the ass after marriage.

These women usually get married with fairytale/unrealistic expectations, then take it out on the man when the expectations don't happen.

Criticizing, Over Analyzing, Passive Aggressiveness, Cynacisim, Love of Arguments, Constant Playing the Victim, and all around bitchiness are telltale signs of a potential wifezilla.
I remember when we would go to the movies or mini-golf....Now she's such a bitch....I'd rather go out by myself just to get a break from her. She turned into a total fuckin wifezilla.

bitch gold digger asshole marriage mistake
by Realest2613 July 05, 2016
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