when a boys got A girlfriend who he feels 4 deep,then she's more than just any girl 2 him, she's real special in his eyes, so she's his 'wifey'.
boy 1-remember that girl i met? i can't explain it but she's real kool
boy 2- so she's wifey material den?
boy 1-yeah I like spending time wid her 4real!I think I'll make her my 'wifey'
by GhettoQueenKZ September 24, 2003
"WIFEY (why-fee) n - A female entitled to call his phone any time of the day or night, make herself at home at his home, occupy his free time, keep him out of trouble, defend him at all times even when he's not around! (and vice versa), make sure he's happy (because he does the same for her), have all of his attention.
TRANSLATION>>> The one that ALL the girls love to HATE!!
Thats my wifey, I'm never letting her go.
by the best wifey January 23, 2008
The girl that is always there for you. The one that you were destined to be with. See hubby
Wanna chill today?

Nah, I'm gonna chill with my wifey
by DizzyLizzy November 21, 2006
Wifey is the shorty u actually care about, and u take care of her and take her out
Jennel Wifey so you no i'm takin her out for her birthday 2nite
by Carmelo August 10, 2004
More than your average chick. She's the type you can kick it with, and you're proud to tell your boys about her. She's special and makes you think about keeping her around long time!
"That chick over there? Yeah she's my wifey"
by Risky_Rix March 19, 2009
a man's one and only. always real never shady. down ta ride for life.. never hesitates to do for her man (hubby).. not like ya typical female/girlfriend.. she sophisticated yet freaky..
"that girl fine, but she cant do me like the wifey"
by beckiie April 11, 2007
a woman or girl that you love to death. a REAL and true lady. a wifey is totally different than a hood rat chick!
Yo man, Chistina Milian iz MY freakin' wifey so back UP!!
by naiomi November 29, 2006
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