Yo motha fuckin WIFE!!
She's not just my baby momma, she's my wifey
by Your M Effin Wife March 19, 2013
a boy who spoons with another boy then wakes up in the morning and takes a shower with this boy to "conseve water to save the fishies"
steven looked at wifey and said lets save the fishies and take a shower together.
by bwahaha September 06, 2007
the real definition of Wifey is a stupid girl. A girl that will let a man walk all over her, talk to her however he wants and come home whenever he wants. A girl that is too stupid to realise that when her "man" says he's out "working", he's really out working other chicks. A wifey isn't a down ass chick, she's a stupid chick, and men can sense that... and who wouldnt want to have a stupid chick at home waiting on the clock for their ass? Women try so hard to be "Wifey" but lets be real... whats the point? Wifey is the one always getting cheated on...all wifey is really good for is cooking, cleaning the house, catering to her "man" and poppin babies out. Men would never wife a strong independant woman. Why? Because she won't take his bullshit... coming home whenever he wants, "working" late... cause a strong woman will do it right back to his ass... and let's face it... men can't handle that... they need a stupid chick.. one that isn't on their level.... so face it wifey's.... don't boost.... sure.. the name is cute and everything... but while you're sitting at home being wifey.... he's cheating with a down ass chick. Nuff Said.
Jermaine : "You chillin with your wifey tonight?"
Lamar : "Naw.. i'm kickin it with my down ass chick tonight"
by akaB January 01, 2008
Wife or spouse
Wifey loves a good donkey-punch.
by briankeys May 06, 2003
A Term of endearment for a cyber-wife looking for a hubby.
I'm looking for a new wifey, 'cos I just got cyber-divorced.
by Googles November 08, 2004
A term to define a bitch who iz becomin ur Wife, like u is gettin pussy whipped. u get controlled and she uses her pussy when tightened over da penis gives the woman utter control of the dude in question.
Damn Mutha, you gonna leave your homies hanging AGAIN? Bridget callin u again? damn you gettin pussy whipped dawg, i'm tellin you that bitch is a wifey man
by SteveyAKALucious April 18, 2006
A nickname for your wife or female life partner. A term of endearment. The women you love. Wifey.
" Baby, you know you are the best Wifey ever? I'm so lucky"
by cak88 May 01, 2016
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