Yo motha fuckin WIFE!!
She's not just my baby momma, she's my wifey
by Your M Effin Wife March 19, 2013
A term commonly used by douche-bags on the internet to refer to their wife, fiance, or female partner. Generally employed by the same type of people who use the term preggers, hubby, or those who refer to their children as bunnies.
Just came home and my wifey had on nothing but a smile.
by AsswithaK August 31, 2010
A name given to your lesbian best friend. Everyone thinks that because you guys are married that you are lesbian. Who would have thought? But a wifey is straight and loves a heaven. A wifey thinks the same things as you and vertually has the same brain. Except one wifey cheats off of the other in STATS and almost gets caught. Wifeys have the ultimate bond made of cookies and rainbows. (Love is the secret ingredient.)
Wifey NO!
by Jennoza July 09, 2010
Any female uses this term while referring to her best friend.
1.) My wifey is coming over today.

2.) Don't insult her. She's my wifey!!

3.) My wifey and I are going to get our nails done.
by ♫Flash♫ July 28, 2009
ya chicky, 4 life, u tell ha shit,she tell u shit, u luv ha 2 death. A real girl!!
MIchelle n Shana are ma closets wifey'z 4 lyfe. i luv yall {no homo shiit} ya boo stephanie d. u alradii kno
by stephy_bu May 16, 2008
Commonly used with girls to say how much their friends mean to them. Used instead of best friend or besty.
Girl 1: Babe I love you loads - you're my wifey!
Girl 2: I love you loads to babes! You're my wifey for sure.
by Pally. October 04, 2009
Terminology used by low-life to describe their pistol. When one gang member asks another "where's wifey", you know it's time to leave because they are referring to the location of their gun and not their wife or ho or both.
Hey Hank, where's wifey? It's time to do that Spencer dude from the show the Hills, he's such a Nancy. While we're at it, let's give him a wedgie and a haircut!
by mikeverdill July 15, 2009
Wifey: (Latin-American; S. California)(adj.) A term used to describe a prostitute who is most favored by her pimp, often due to her ability to make the most money; also see bottom bitch
Pimp: "Yo, my wifey made 10G's this week"
by A Mexican-American Pimp April 02, 2011

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