Australian. Blue singlet usually worn with boardies and thongs. Accompanied by a tinnie.
Nice wife beater mate
by Michael November 10, 2004
a wifebeater is more of a lifestyle than a shirt per se. usually it is white and ribbed in texture. frowned upon by some, it expresses what the french call "savoir vivre". given the anthropological approach of the shirt, it doesn't really matter what shape the user is in, as long as he believes that by wearing a wifebeater, he expresses that everyone in this world should enjoy life without harming others while looking damn sexy.
He's been wearing a wifebeater since he's one year old. Therefore, I trust him.

Everybody was wearing a button-down shirt, but he was wearing a wifebeater. Hence, he knows how to party.
#wife-beater #tanktop #tank top #tank-top #muscle-shirt
by Phiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii July 14, 2011
the official douchebag uniform
person 1: did you see that guy in the wifebeater?
person 2: yeah, he looks like a douchebag
#douche #bag #douchebag #uniform #muscles
by clappsta October 26, 2008
nick name given to a popular lager in the UK due to the wife beating going on after drinking the beverage.
P1-"pour me a pint of wife beater"
P2-"okay mate"
#lager #wife #beater #pint #uk
by jakep97 May 29, 2011
a sleeveless t-shirt also known as a muscle T, a guinea T or aa singlet.
Kieran McWha and Donnie Whyte, wifebeaters.
#t-shirt #muscle t #guinea t #singlet #wifebeater
by vgrjgivf April 09, 2011
something typically worn by guidos (b/c they're wife beaters). people who wear them can be all kinds of people not just guidos
Jim: Bob, look, a fat guido is wearing a wife-beater!
Bob: Cool, i will go get my baseball bat.
#beat wives #tank-top #guido clothing #guinea-t's #guidos
by wigger/guido hater March 28, 2008
1.plural of wife-beater ( also refered to as wifebeater)
2. a gruop of little bitches that compensate for their little peepees(penis) by harming their wives. AKA a pussy
1."man she looks hot wearing a black bra under a white wife-beater!"
2.a gathering of burt reynolds' is called a flock of wife-beaters
#wihebeater #pussy #rags #bra #muscle shirt
by bleucanadianbeaver July 26, 2006
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