A man's personal sandwich artist.
Wife: I'm going to the kitchen.

Me: Cool, bring me a sandwich, bitch.
by Thatotherguyfromthestore February 10, 2010
W.I.F.E- Washing Ironing Fucking Ect.
dam your wife does it all
by Alfanso del pepino grande October 18, 2010
The woman a man is betrothed to. In some cases, notably among the poorly-educated in the American Deep South and the royalty in Europe, she very well be the sister or cousin of the man as well.
Redneck: I just married my cousin!
Prince John: What a coincidence, I just married my sister.

Normal people: Freaks.
by mikm June 01, 2005
Someone who must absolutely never find out about your girlfriend
John: I'm with you because I love you, I'm married to my wife because she has money.
by Xathian May 31, 2009
so what do you wanna do tomorrow?
- i dunno. (long awkward silence)wife...
by wife... September 13, 2003
The number one stalker in your life. Your consciousness, the number one voice in your head. Whatever has marked you as its prey.
I was trying to get away from this guy that was following me around, then I thought, "time to throw on the good ol wife beater."
by Anthony Wheeler September 27, 2007
verb: when one of your friends gets married to a chick that is pure evil. The most common result of which is never seeing your friend again because his new wife has sucked the marrow of life out of your friendship. Used in anger, general despair, or for humorous effect when all you can do is laugh about the whole situation because it's so retarded.
1. Dude, he totally got wifed!
2. She's got him so wifed, he doesn't know his moose-knuckle from a pimply walnut.
or when marriage becomes a quickly-approaching cloud of doom...
3. She's wifing him, man. It's only a matter of time :(
by colin February 25, 2004

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