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Stands for "Work is for suckas". It is the phrase to voice one's own contempt for work yet bitter acceptance as a source of income.
coworker 1: "I have to go in early today to cover someone's shift."
coworker 2: "WIFS!"

friend 1: "Want to go get a cup of coffee?"
friend 2: "I can't, I'm at work."
friend 1: "Really? Why are you working right now?"
friend 2: "Because I've been working this same shift for several years now."
friend 1: "WIFS, man."
by notkasuo June 18, 2008
6 4
Come wif me into the ally where I will show you my peener.
by SeptiK September 07, 2003
93 31
another way to say with.
I is wif none uva den me main man Pat Bushnan
by ,,,,,,,,,, March 24, 2007
46 20
Wow I'm Fucked up.Extremely stoned or drunk or both!
Cindy: Hey dude nabil how are you feeling?
Nabil: WIF!
by soulchild420 December 07, 2008
31 37
Woman I'm fucking.
I'm going to the movies with the wif.
by Chucky Von Lucky May 26, 2009
16 28
to smell something
<IO-> wifs == teh gay
<wifs> mMmm... anal passage...
by io June 19, 2003
18 31
Means good and bad or at the same time, or anything for that matter. Wif could me shit or happy. You can tell what someone is talking about because of the tone in which it is said.
Wif can be used as any word in any sentance.

A: How are you today?
B: Very wif
A: That good to wif

And almost every word in this sentance

A: I wiffed my wif so wif that it can't wif.
by Rag P Trayberg November 11, 2004
14 29