A word that's funny no matter how old you are
Man: "wiener's cooking"

Everyone one else: "haha, he said wiener"
by Charlie Blanston June 01, 2013
Slang for winner. Because of the similarities when the the two words are pronounced, people will associate you being a winner with you being a wiener.
Jasmin beat me at mini golf. She is one heck of a wiener!
by Alehon219 June 09, 2016
a long cylinders of meat
that vender has the biggest wieners i have ever seen. i want to suck them
by ebba May 22, 2005
hot dogs made by Oscar Meyer
why would you need a definition on this?
by Bob Wiley February 19, 2005
a long cylinder of meat
look at that guy's wiener. it is an impressive cylinder of meat. i want to suck it
by ebba May 20, 2005
Your elbow. When you straighten your arm its the little flabby bit that you can pull down
Person 1- Can you scratch my elbow???
Person 2- umm ok...*scratches elbow*
by snooki the original-not really November 16, 2010
An ambiguous, yet universal unit of measurement. pl. wiener
1) Sheldon: "Hey Andrew, how many hours of sleep did you get last night?!"
Andrew: "Eh, about 9 wiener..."

2) Andrew: "Hey Sheldon, What did you do last night?"
Sheldon: "I went running with Andrea."
Andrew: " Oh, how many miles did you run?"
Sheldon: " Eh, about 3 wiener...."

by Autotron January 02, 2009
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