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A person who has odd facial hair. A person of the academic profession. Someone who enjoys hobbies that envolve using instruments. Someone who uses modern day slangs in awkward situations.
Person 1: "Are we using our snare drums today?"

A wiebers: "YEAH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Person 1: "Ugh ok"
by Human genome December 14, 2009
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One who lacks socially acceptable etiquette in everyday situations. Often incorporating awkward pauses accompanied by doofus looking faces, or acting as bipolar as a hormonal pregnant woman.
"Man that guys is such a wiebers."
"yeah, i asked him if i could go to the bathroom and he stared at me, nodding his head with his tounge out. I just left."
by DrumnDick51 December 15, 2009
A person who has a very loud voice and is not afraid to voice his ego, comes from a family of similar people.
Why is Johny so loud?

He's a Wieber
by oHai123 November 23, 2010

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