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an attempt to fit a whole wide object into your mouth, as to stretch your mouth width wise like a vagina. Mostly used for chodes and/or very thick sandwiches
dude, i tried to wide mouth a coke can, my teeth are no completely fucked!!!!
by MamboPie February 03, 2011
A Chat website owned by G , also known as Widey. Populated by mostly n00bs.
-bahh...i have one many times that size...but im not going to show it to you because i dont like you

- Yeh well , I don't like you either , you touch yourself much too much.

- yes. yes i do
by Anonymous January 21, 2005
Usually an old fart but not always. Basically a widemouth has is mouth agape and a stupid look on his face. Widemouths are usually stupid looking and live in their own reality. They always park in handicap spots even their only handicap is the lack of intelligence. A widemouth always drives his vehicle at slowest legal speed. A widemouth is cheap and will demand a senoir citizen's discount. I widemouth always thinks he is entitled to all benefits, discounts and government programs.
Look in the disabled parking spots, the widemouths are the ones that are not disabled or the ones that exit their vehicle with a cane which is tapped on the ground.
by Hendricus Van Beek November 12, 2007

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