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a highly popular broadway musical that has productions around the world. it is counted as one of the best musicals in the world (which is well deserved). this musical tells the story of the witches of oz before dorothy arrived (see the wizard of oz if your unsure). i have heard of some people hateing it but then again, you have to have an appreciacion for music and musicals.
three people are walking out of the theater
person 1: wicked was great hey?
person 2: yeah! it was epic!
person 3: how can you like it! i hated it!
person 1: well YOU dont have an apreciation for music.
person 2: good bye.
*person 1 & 2 walk out.*
person 3: i dont get them

as you can see, wicked the musical is an epic musical.
by wicked fangirl May 16, 2011
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A musical that gets more attention than it deserves.
Bob: I like Broadway shows
Fred: OMG! Me too! Have you seen Wicked the musical?!?!?!?!?
Bob: (Walks away)
Fred: (yelling to Bob) OK! Don't forget to IM me at ElphabaFan21986499870972158720650210985
by Yowza3 September 02, 2006
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