A combination of WiFi, the popular wireless technology, and a high five, a celebratory gesture made between two people.
WiFi's are made when the two people performing are too far away to physically connect a high five and instead perform the motions of one without actually touching.

The instigator should announce 'WiFive!' before acting it out so as to not cause confusion.

WiFi's may or may not be accompanied by a 'whoopish' noise in order to make the gesture more realistic.

If your really nerdy and someone fails to realise the WiFive or tries to reach for a real high five and fails then they may be taunted by everyone around them making the old 56Kb dial up noise really loud in their face.
I went to give Pubert a WiFive yesterday over the Grand Canyon but he thought I said high five and tried to reach over. Needless to say he fell down the 1.6 km drop and I went...
Booooooooo ba da da ba ba da da ba da ba da bee Bee bada biiiir beeeeeeeeeee aa eeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE bir BIR bow dow bow dow bow EEEEEEEECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK AAAAACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH PHffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT
by IWantBilly March 29, 2008
Top Definition
It's a high five that doesn't involve actually contact, normally over a long distance where a real high-five isn't possible.

Mix of "wireless" and "high-five", hence "wi-five", (wireless high-five)
Iain (yelling across the room): Dude, that mess was teh pwnz. Wi-five, brosef
Eric (in response): You need to chill with that nano shit, son
by Stampy October 27, 2004
when you see someone across the room but can't get to them so you raise your hands like a high-five but don't touch because of the distance. derived from wi-fi and high five. a wireless high five.
Yo! Wi-five!
by Nix Vox Medicus November 11, 2008
When u want to high-five someone, but he is on the other side of the room and u both are drunk as fuck to reach out. Its a mix between "wi-fi" and "high-five". Its "high-five"-ing but without physical contact.
-Tell me now, bro, whats wi-five?
- Okay, look now, wi-five is like a high-five, but without cable connection.
- Nice! *wi-fives*
by tooooti May 04, 2015
A long-distance high-five, often referred to as an "air-five". Commonly used when a friend is too far away to reach and slap some skin, such as in a crowded party, on the dance floor, car-to-car, or in class.
Hey man, lay it on me... *holds up hand for high-five*. Oh you're sick? Well just Wi-Five me then.
by Capn Josh March 29, 2011
a nerdy way of saying "air five"

which is the true definition of a high five done when two people are too far apart to physically engage in a "high five"
John: I just got a Wii! Awesome!
Mack: High five!
John: You are too far away...
Mack: Wifive?
John: NO! Air five! hells yeah....
by Prashant Patel August 20, 2007
A wifi high-five (wireless) - the upgrade to the bluetooth high five
That's awesome bro!! WiFive!!!
by Nick_ZA October 17, 2011
Giving someone a virtual high-five via email or other Internet based format in appreciation of a noteworthy achievement or action. Giving some "props" over the internet
A group of friends are sharing a lengthy email discussion throughout the day and one person emails a particularly enjoyable (for the rest of the group) insult to one member of the group and the other participants send wi-fives to the insulting party praising her wit.
by Danhanchan March 17, 2011
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