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a saying that is frequently said when a patient knows that the doctor (usually female) is about to look at his penis.
1.) doc.: alright well that is all done all i have to do is...
patient: why is it so cold in here?
doc: look at your genitals

2.) guy 1: dude i had to get surgery yesterday
guy 2: oh dude that sucks! were there any hot doctors?
guy 1: yeah there was a wicked hot female doctor there
guy 2: awesome
guy 1: yeah and like right after she asked to see my genitals i said "why is it so cold in here"
guy 2: oh dude what did she say?
guy 1: she was like sir just pull down your pants
guy 2: wow
guy 1: yeah and then she said well by the look of things you have nothing to be self-conscious about.
guy 2: no she didn't
guy 1: yeah she did and then she started to stroke my dick. i though i was about to get a boner right then and there
guy 2: alright new subject...
by my name is a secret dude December 15, 2010
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