A more surprised and/or confused version of "what" used in text-based communication.
Friend's text message: Can you come pick me up at the jail?

Your reply: Whut?!
by mustgofaster May 03, 2012
Basically this just means what
"whut the fuck you say?"
by T Stratton August 14, 2002
An exclamation used when someone describes something incredible or unimangineable that they did or saw.
adam: I just pulled a 1080 snowboarding the other day!
mark: Whut!?
by Sarutobi Sasuke May 06, 2007
An effective word that will annoy people when said at the end of every sentence. It is most effective when you are drunk, however. The key is, you have to say it in your best Grover from Sesame Street voice, or it's not nearly as effective and annoying.
I just drank 5 shots of Patron and 3 Coors Lights. Whut!
by Grover Whut August 23, 2012
What you say to someone who tries to hit you really hard (or with a weapon)but ends up inflicting no damage or pain at all.
Some guy punched me a few times in the face and tried to stab me and right after he did that I stood up, looked at him in the face and was like "Whut?" then kicked his ass.

They sometimes show this sort of thing in movies too..
by punch2urface1254 August 09, 2004
A saying used to announce to your male friends that a beautiful girl has just walked into wherever you are and you can't yell out, "look at that beautiful girl."
Girl who ranks a 10 walks into food establishment.

Guy who can see says : Whut!

Other guys look for her
by rwilly July 15, 2009
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