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An evolution of being horney. Usually the result of an extended amount of time without sex. This sexual break usually results in lowered standards in which to increase the chances of a sexual encounter. These lowered standards further results in a looseness in behaviour and increased advancedment towards possible sexual partners (man, woman, and beast).
I was so whorney last night I woke up next to a ladytroll.
by Urban Dictionary February 09, 2008
A temporary time period which sluts and whores experience during sexual intercourse.
A lot of them don't leave the trance, therefore leading them to extensive bitch-like behavior. In other terms, it's blue balls for the women.
Girl: "Come on.... just because you got off doesn't mean I did....You're such a fucking selfish prick."
Man: "Just give me a few minutes to replenish myself."
Girl: "But I'm fucking whorney, stop being so unfair.. Just eat me out really fast."
Man: "Shut up you stupid cunt." *SLAP*

There's an odd silence.....
by XBEATOFFX July 14, 2008