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What drives some people to do slutty and whore-like things.
Guy 1:"Why did she just strip on webcam like that?!"
Guy 2:"Must be those whormones!"
by KingPie September 01, 2007
the female hormone that gives a women the desire to become a hooker or such.
wow her whormones are acting up.
by Fluffy McNubNubs April 01, 2008
A chemical reaction in the body that posses a woman or man to all of a sudden be horny, sexual, aroused or flirty.
Example 1

Girl 1: Damn that guy is soo hot!
Girl 2 : Relax, its just your whormones!

Example 2

Guy: I just screwed a random girl at the bar last night
Guy 2: Blame it on your whormones!
by SLiCK808z October 08, 2009
One whom maintains the qualities of being a whore without professional jurisdiction; one who is often judged for being immorally promiscuous.
1. John's whormones came over him when he spent the night with his best friend, Doe's, wife.

2. Doe's wife, Ashlie, has whormones.
by Ava Psueodo August 06, 2010
Hormones that cause people to act 'bitchy' - specifically a combine of the words 'Whore' and 'Hormones' - and usually targeted at womens (although it hits the guys pretty hard too)
Goodness she's so annoying today! Must be the whormones playing up - she never used to be like that!
by wherrelz October 01, 2009

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