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By mixing the words whore and homo you get a word (neologism) for a overly promiscuous homosexual.
Man, dude, last night was crazy! Every man in the building wanted you and you just gave it up! Sometimes you make me think you're such a whormo!

:laugh: What? I'm not very good at making sentences up on the fly. Yar!
by xxx_swirlgirl_xxx@hotmail.com April 30, 2004
Short for Whore Monkey: The first monkey to have intercourse with man causing world wide devastation in the form of AIDS. Usually used to described a person you do not want to be near cuz they will fuck shit up.
As in Don't Be a Whormo. Seriously dude, don't be a whormo!
by PHH2 March 20, 2009
It is a homosexual prostitute.
Kyle: At Josie's party last night I walked in on Jill fisting two women at the same time.
Bob: What a whormo!
by Lear Bear January 04, 2009