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A youngling whore, or apprentice whore; typically a young girl (age 10 - 16) who dresses and/or acts like a whore or wears whore-like makeup in her tween/teenage years. A "whorling" typically is not having sexual intercourse, but appears to be a whore in training nonetheless.

"Whorling" could also refer to a whore-dwarf, midget whore or just a whore of small stature, but is generally reserved for a teenage girl.

See also: middle-school cheerleader or beauty pageant contestant
I thought it was odd that a brothel would be directly behind a middle school cafeteria, but it wasn't until after I recognized the initials on their junior varsity letter-jackets that I put my roll of cash back into my trenchcoat; it seems the painted, glittery faces and tight miniskirts belonged to a pack of whorlings, only pretending to be hookers (at least until college, when they realize how easy it is to sell their body/soul for money).
by djsountrak March 30, 2009
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