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Used to describe an excursion, mainly to an eastern european country, where the sole purpose is to sleep with several whores and local sluts over a few days. Often undertaken on the pretext of a 'stag holiday' or 'cultural team building exercise' by 40 something men who cant afford the homegrown offerings advertised in phone boxes.
Jim: Do you fancy coming to Estonia for Brian's stag do, mate?
Steve: That just sounds like a whorliday to me.
Jim: Well thats basically it, yeh.
Steve: Count me in, I well fancy offloading up the pipe of an ex-commie.
by Johnny Greek June 22, 2007
A holiday predominantly celebrated with whorish or whore-like behavior.
Girl 1: What are you going to be for Halloween?
Girl 2: A sexy nurse. You?
Girl 1: A sexy cat.
Boy 1: This is my favorite whorliday.

Boy 1: All of those girls are dressing as slutty _____ (fill in blank with cat, nurse, etc.).
Boy 2: Happy Whorlidays!
by Ignatius J. Reilly March 17, 2009
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