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Verb. see also Whorking

To whore around on the internet while at work
I'm just chilling at my desk whorking while in a chat room and doing my work.
by AZCATS July 10, 2007
A dork that acts like a whore. Basically combining the 2 words to make the all powerful WHORK! The whork is known amongst the ranks of the dorks as the queen dork. All dorks need their whork, or else where will they get their fix?
"Old lady whork is at it again"

"She was a whork back in her youngin days"

"This whorks for you"
by GuyMazda6 August 29, 2008
a strong whore who is good at opening water bottles
jillian is a totaly wohrk at lunch, she dominated noemies water bottles.
by nathan September 18, 2004
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