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1. The practice of fucking for recreation

2. the act of whoring or promiscuity

3. the activity or practice of whoring, especially for pleasure
Christy wears slutty clothes to encourage whorism.

If she made her whoring into a whorism business, she'd be making mad money!!
by Themcguffin November 05, 2011
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An online terrorism cell that accomplishes its goals by pissing other players in online games/people in chat rooms off by doing acts of idiocy. They claim they are powered by the Whore tree. Various ranking members of Whorism include, Schlee, Marburg, Trixwhore, Hai, and lowest ranking Siptah. Each member of whorism has a certain ammount of whore pts generated from when they do acts of whorism, the ammount is decided by other Whores who witness the acts.
Schlee, you are the god of Whorism.
by Whore Tree November 11, 2004
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A rare disease found mostly in American celebrities that can spread through means of media to young teenage girls causing the following symptoms:

-Gaping Vagina

-Prison Butthole
-Over Whelming Sense Of Self
-Rectal Diseases
-Awful Music
-The False sense of Being Attractive
Miley Cyrus would be less annoying if she wasn't infected with whorism.

They found the cure to whorism! It's putting putting a gun to Miley Cyrus' head and pulling the trigger.
by Smiffle March 19, 2014
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