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Exhibiting qualities of a whore or a slut. Generally a floozy. A girl who bounces around from guy to guy and can't handle being single.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm dating this chick named Mia.

Guy 2: That girl is whorific, you're like the fiftieth guy she's been with.
by guynumber5 November 16, 2011
To make whorish to make every day items slutty or whorish. To take conservative clothing and make slutty or whorish.
She took her brothers jeans and made them whorific.
by ghost_owl June 10, 2011
A female who is a beautiful whore. She is glamorous but sleeps with anyone. She is bisexual. She is scene.
Taneisha looks whorific today.
by traci t February 06, 2008

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