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the act of drive by
Cuz we about to who on dem fools
by Que April 03, 2003
Indigenous word to the real Bay Area - NorCal
1. to clown someone
2. to act a fool and rep your turf
3. to take over something and do what you want to
4. to find a way to make a loud, ignorant objection to somethin
(you can also use ride or rode in place of some conotations of whoride)
1. That bitch just got whorode.
2. Them fools from Richmond started whoriding so them Oakland niggas stopmed em out
3. We about to whoride the liqour store and come up on some free shit.
4. Ain't noboy gon diss me, i'm about to whoride
by that dozen April 30, 2005
To interrupt, ruin, or change the mood of a situation by means of rudeness, force, and or sudden actions; usually unwelcomed and unexpected by those who rided.
The police who rided Rodney King.
by Multiple Choice April 16, 2003
A busted up or stupid looking car
Who ride that Cavalier with the spinner hubcaps?
by AndyG February 05, 2008
a busted up or stupid looking car
Who ride dat cavalier with the spinner hub caps?
by AndyG February 09, 2008

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