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An orgy of whores.
Carla: Oh look, Janie, Kayla and Chrissy are having a whorgy.
by carlaandchloe September 12, 2007
A orgy containing many whores.
Lets go have a Whorgy in that alley way.
by Pigman123456789 June 30, 2013
a group of quite promiscuous women usually engaging in sexual activities with one another. this is usually used in referance to an all female group but depending on the number of women one or more males may also be involved providing that the prevailing sexual activities are lesbian
We're having a Whorgy this weekend wanna come?

Sure, can I bring my boyfriend?

Of course, I just hope he doesnt get bored, most of the attentions going on us girls after all.
by HarveyDented May 27, 2011
An orgy involving hos, which also, conveniently, contains the word "whore."

A ho orgy: whorgy.
All those hos are turning the dance floor into a whorgy!
by BroFo January 03, 2010

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