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To be sexy and awesome or to have qualities of a whore while still being awesome.

Other words with the same meaning:

Human 1: can borrow that book?
Human 2: yeah, its pretty awesome
Human 1: its whoresome!

Human 1: wow thats a really huge.. hovercaft
Human 2: its whoresome
Human 1: yeah look at the wheels
by svening Way February 06, 2010
Slang. Supremely awesome. Remarkable; outstanding.
Owwwww whoresome oww.
by ness April 20, 2005
A girl who is awesome, but in a somewhat slutty way.
She's pretty darn whoresome
by joe_seph September 27, 2005
Verb that describes a female that is slutty yet attractive
Christina Aguilera is Whoresome.
by Michael Cangiano September 10, 2006
a less sarcastic and more honest way of saying wholesome
Guy 1: She's wholesome.

Guy 2: Really?

Guy 3: Okay, more like whoresome.
by Paul Goldshmidt April 01, 2012
A fit / hot woman with loose morals !!
I pulled that blonde bird last night, took her back to mine, she was WHORESOME !!
by ONENIL April 22, 2009