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A girl who you think is a whore because she fucks a lot of guys to get what she wants, but who secretly really fucks a lot of guys because she is a slut who loves the cock.
Yeah I banged Becky because she's a whoreslut - even though she just came on to me to get my RHCP concert tix, I knew she'd put out.
by J.D.G. brj May 30, 2009
a cheating lying whore/slut. pronounced horselut. Used for whores or sluts that are cheating on their SO's. They like carrots and being ridden. So if you detect one just bring some carrots with you and see where it goes.
Chelsea is such a whoreslut. Wow that whoreslut can't get enough of that D. Imma take that whoreslut to the stable tonight.
by rockerfly9 January 30, 2014
A very sexually actice women who is such a whore that she also deserves slut at the end. Or in a guys case just a very random thing to call him
OMG! she is such a whore slut!
by Travis Meagher April 30, 2007
Person who is throwing them self out to everyone
Zardo, you were acting like a whore slut last night.
by AJ Jackson III October 06, 2009
A female groupie who posts selfies on social networking sites wearing band merchandise, hoping to gain the attention of that band.
"Hey mang, did you see that whoreslut wearing the Suicide Silence tee on insty?"

"Yeah, tight. I'd slay that bitch for shiz."
by Jamsin Whore July 10, 2012
A really slutty whore.
Hey whore-slut, go make me some dinner.
by Trigg June 18, 2006
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