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A very useful word. Generally an insult, can be used playfully/jokingly. Very similar to whoreface or just plain whore.
1] eww, that girl's such a whorenugget, look at her humping that mop that looks like an emo boy.

person one: haha, you're such a whorenugget!
person two: haha, i know.
by ska-o-riffic! April 09, 2005
24 6
A sexual infection, or sore, growth, etc. on one's penis, or genitals
I woke up after that packer party with a massive whore nugget on my dick.
by butthead April 21, 2006
31 8
Dried male ejaculate matted into the genital hair (virginal and/or anal) of a female. Generally on a woman who doesn't clean herself up after sex.
We hooked up this morning and this afternoon she wanted to go again but I took one look at her whore nuggets and said NO FUCKIN' WAY!


I love chewing the whore nuggets on (insert girl's name) when I munch her muffin.
by A. Parrot February 03, 2010
1 5