a enchanting obese chinese whore who whisks moaning men away only to eat them and leave his poor lonely franks and beans behind which she preserves a small masion jar containers......in the end his curse for his future relatives is to have all the male's dicks shake like a rain stick with every step they take
little johnny was running in the yard one day and his little friend phat alba says .... is it just me or is it about to rain? little responds oh... my dick predicts rain... and its theres a 50 percent chance that its already raining down there. little johnny is a cuprit of his father falling victim of a whoremonger.
by mustBACOwN:@ July 02, 2009
Top Definition
One who habitually patronizes prostitutes.
Joe is such a whoremonger.
by Rony February 06, 2003
master of whores
Damn! That pimp is a real whoremonger!
by Cassie March 11, 2003
One who accumulates many whores, keeping them ever by their side for assurance. Also, occasionally, for casual sex. They will often-times be macho males who wear dark sunglasses although occasionally nerdy whore-mongers of easy geeks arise. In many cases, the band of sluts will be several years younger than the whoremonger himself, in all likelihood because they put out faster and enjoy the importance of getting attention from the dangerous "olda boys".
We saw the whore-monger in the hallway with his faithful band of sluts by his side.
by V! December 16, 2006
A person who sells whores for a living.
You fucking whore monger!
by skedar March 05, 2004
Someone with many Trampy women at their disposal.
Guy 1: Man, have you heard about Charlie Sheen & his 'goddesses'?

Guy 2: Yeah, he's such a Whore Monger.
by tellin'itlikeitis54 June 30, 2011
A really old word for a pimp, one earns a living by "owning" a stable of prostitutes.
Hookers who don't want to get beat up shouldn't work for a whoremonger.
by ThePedant October 15, 2009
n. One whos every intention is to fuck everyone....twice
Jane slept with Carlos and I last night, she is such a whore monger!
by B.G May 08, 2006
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