When a cheating girlfriend bitches and moans about stupid things to force a breakup
John: dude, I dont know what's wrong with Sherry, it's as if she likes nothing anymore.

Jake: dude, i think she has the whoremoans. I saw her with Richard a couple days ago!
by proffessor010 April 19, 2011
Top Definition
the loud sounds of pleasure being made by a woman in the throes of passion.
She was having such a problem with her whoremoans that the next door neighbor bought her a ballgag as a christmas present.
by MayCauseSideEffects February 22, 2011
Noun. The excuse women use to deflect any sort of blame off of themselves when acting irratically; a defense mechanism as to not take responsibility for their actions.
Girlfriend: "I'm sorry baby, I know I did things behind your back -- lied, cheated, screamed at you and had another man's baby... I don't know what I was thinking... My hormones must just be ridiculous right now, omg!"

Boyfriend: "Bitch don't feed me some bullshit insanity defense. Call it your whoremoans and maybe we can agree on something for once."
by Mushy Mase March 24, 2011
A band out of the UK whose genre's cover Metal, punk and alternative rock. With heavy grind sound and great riffs, these guys are great in concert. Feat. on StonerRock
John: Hey man! i just went to go see Whoremoan in concert the other day. IT RULED
Mark: Who are they?
by Rowanashley April 09, 2010
used to describe a male or female who is as fake an orgasmic moan coming from a prostitute.
Girl #1: She keeps telling everyone that she's done drugs and thinks she's so cool. But she's never even looked at drugs.

Girl #2: What a whoremoan.
by Sam Pecor February 01, 2009
similar to the brain function "hormones". Only, whoremoans are when platonic male friends of females decide they want to jump the river & cross the line. Then when the girl gives in because she doesn't want to be rude & ruin their friendship, this is "whoremoans".
yeah, well Sally hooked up with Harry I guess. Her damn whoremoans or something.
by nicole C May 16, 2006
a whore moan is a person....who.....idk? who is a whore and moans at the same time maybe? just a random word :|
JUSTIN YOU'RE A WHORE MOAN. Justin & Kaydee's Room = SHIT!!!! :D
by OMgz I ROCKEDZ January 20, 2009
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