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The mark that a woman has on her lower back usually in tattoo format. This originates from the porn industry where ladies being abused from behind were keen to have some kind of brand awareness in their movies. This was an easy way for the girls to be identified whilst their faces were out of shot.
That chick is bending over in those low cut jeans you can see her whoremark.

That porn star has a tribal whoremark on her lower back
by studlywonder November 13, 2007
7 0
A tattoo on the lower back of a female. According to lore, it is a sign that the girl is easy.
After seeing the whore mark on her, I knew I was in for a good time.
by exho May 22, 2006
31 9
A special tattoo at the base of the spine but above the buttock.
Dude, you think she'll put out? Yeah, she's got a whore mark!!
by lkisma1 April 08, 2007
14 4