a person who is almost a whore but not quite there yet, they havnt slept with enough people to become a whore
"Emily, your so whoreish. You wish you could be a whore."
by sluty February 24, 2005
Top Definition
When a chick or sum1 acts like a whore. She's whoreish. It's bad when you don't know wut it means cuz things like the example happen.
Isn't Fiana whoreish?
No She's Russian (lol)

Ex. She's mad whoreish. She be goin around makin out w/ ever dood!
by Jerr Boi November 27, 2006
Emblematic or having attributes of a whore or slut. Same as "sluttish"
"That girl is certainly whoreish".
by joesilo August 31, 2007
Someone who does something a whore would do, whore like qualitys. (E.x: Sending naked pictures) Not calling someone a whore.
Man, what you did was so whore-ish,
by mto101 March 03, 2010
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