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The Vagina. The female reproductive organ.
What did you do last night Bobby? I fucked Janice in her whore hole.
by Rod Bernstein October 19, 2004
38 14
1.) a STD ridden vagina
2.) an incredibly obnoxious slut
3.) a place where more than 3 incredibly obnoxious sluts frequent
4.) a dumb bitch from georgia.
1.) Eww, I was going to sleep with her but she had a nasty whorehole.
2.) Man, that chick is a whorehole!
3.) The bar was fun until it turned into a whorehole.
4.) I was chillin' in Atlanta but this whorehole wouldn't leave my man alone.
by Jessica R. August 30, 2007
10 1
when someone who is wearing tights purposely makes sure that there is a hole in the crotch so that their genitalia are perfectly accessible.
Guy 1: ew look at that really slutty girl over there!
Guy 2: i bet she has a whore hole under that mini skirt.
Guy 3: i'd destroy her.
by chexxa November 25, 2012
8 0
inappropriately "ripped" holes in a females jeans
You can see that girls thong through that whore hole.
by ladiesman1217 February 28, 2011
10 5
The gap between the thighs when a woman's knees are together, usually found with thin women.
I tossed her my keys but they went right through her whore hole.
by brandilion May 26, 2011
3 1
Kinda like biznatch.
Yo whorehole, get me my water!
by Lloyd D. March 25, 2005
6 7
Any other piercing (except ears or tounge) on your face.

A tounge peircing is a Slut Puck
a Whore Hole- Eye Brows, Lip, Nose, Etc.
by xoxo-icebaby-oxox September 10, 2010
3 6