the intense orgasm had after doing something very slutty...
"I know I shouldn't have cheated on Ted...but I had such a whoregasm w/Rob..."


"I felt so slutty wearing that bondage outfit but WOW - what a whoregasm!"
by kellybex September 01, 2009
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When a pornstar crys after achieving an orgasm on film because she feels guilty for what she does.
That poor girl had a whoregasm on film.
by Impala October 14, 2007
An orgasm had by a woman from a sexual act deemed as "dirty", taboo or promiscuous, such as sex in public, sex with multiple partners, anal sex, DP, sex with an inanimate object, bestiality, necrophilia, sex with a stranger, BDSM, or a sexual affair, etc. This act may or may not be accompanied by a sense of shame often contributing to its increase in pleasure.
"Avery's hooked up with a married guy at every job she's had. She knows its wrong but she says she gets such a whoregasm from doing it."
by sotospeak October 30, 2009
Extreme happiness over a topic that XXX worthy.
"I just saw Fast 6 and whoregasmed."
"What's that?"
"Made me so happy I couldve made the world look like the Day After Tomorrow."
by Schawlein November 07, 2013
A Whoregasm is when a prostitue or a slut orgasmates(sperms).
Dude,I just had sex with a Latino prostitute and she totally had a Whoregasm all on my lap.
by 96zach96 June 05, 2011
an orgasm whose pleasures are loudly amplified and exaggerated, either for theatrical purposes or an animalistic lack of control.
I love edging my bitch to the point of whoregasm! yes, yes, YEAAHWOWOWOWOAHAHH!!!!
by tensacross January 23, 2011
1. The ejection of man fluid after doing business with a worn out corner whore.

2. The release of a well known womans menstrual fluid after sleeping with multiple others earlier in the day.

3. A Variety of male sperm stored in one girls Vaginal region or mouth.
example for definition #1:
*Phone rings*
"Jared thank god ur awake..ok bro, seriously..if there was one type of person you wouldn't fuck..what type of person would it be?"
"well dude..obviously another dude"
Guy: "phew k..cuz i just had the greasiest WHOREGASM with Jenny Clamstench..remember her? girl that dropped out in grade 5 and nobodies heard from her since?"

Jared: "Hah, wow yeah fuck, how is she? but anyway sweet dude how was it"

Guy: "dude no..hold on ill come over and let u smell my eyes"

Example for definition number 2&3:

*enters hospital*
" Hi mam my name is Jenny Clamstench, i have a variety of male sperm samples i would like to donate at a legitimate price"

Secratary: "Ok mam, do u have tubes present? or is there a certain instrument you've used to safely store the fluid?"

Jenny: "Do you not hear me gargling?"
by Savo93 February 02, 2009

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