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when someone flakes on call them a this case a "whore" so to shorten the phrase of "that whore flaked on me" just say "i got served a bowl of whoreflakes"
I got served a bowl of whoreflakes yesterday when this chick hung out with her friend instead of me.
by Tneigsngoi December 03, 2007
When a person is unreliable and cancels plans with you they're considered a flake. When you get upset with that person because of they flaked on you, you may call them names; in this case a 'whore'. So, by combining the two terms together you can call the person a whore flake. it can also be a noun being similar to a bowl of cereal.
dammit, that girl just served me a bowl of whore flakes.
by Darin and Jon April 21, 2008
After a girl flakes on a guy, the guy becomes angry and therefore calls her a whore. Therefore, putting the terms together forms whoreflakes and is "served", metaphorically, to him after such event.

That girl served me a bowl of whoreflakes last night.
by Rujxtghxtk December 03, 2007
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