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the clothes that a whore wears out to do what they do best, pick up STDS
damn, she really busted out her whoredrobe tonight
by slims September 02, 2003
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a whore's clothing; the portion of a woman's wardrobe consisting of skimpy skirts, boobacious tops, and knee-high boots. Used to get numerous one-night-stands or hookups.
Uh oh, Jessie's going through her whoredrobe tonight for her big date.
by Nat Jess March 01, 2008
Articles of clothing in a wardrobe that resemble that of a whore. Also, the only clothing one possesses that consists of short skirts, tube tops, heels on flip flops, and any article of clothing with bedazzled words; such as "juicy" written on the buttocks of sweatpants. Usually worn in inappropriate settings.
"You can borrow something to wear from my closet",

"No thanks, there's nothing in your whoredrobe that would suit me."
by miete July 15, 2014

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