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Equally stupid and slutty, like Cheryl.
"The party's starting and this dress makes me look like a whore!"
"Oh you don't look like a whore, an idiot maybe... or both! Yes, a whorediot."
by UglyLoserFriend April 30, 2012
An idiot of a whore. A person who is a dimwit and promiscuous.
Rita is such a whorediot, she fucked up and swore he was the best she ever had.
by filmzillz July 17, 2014
A whore and an idiot. A term used in the raunchy series Archer.
"Does this dress make me look like a whore or an idiot?"

"One second. One second. One second. Whorediot."
by Lida North July 22, 2012
A person is an idiot and dresses or acts like a whore.
That dumb slut is such a whorediot.
by zelda yuki November 03, 2015

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