to be beaten mentally in a chat room by the other members,, i'm talking being really kicked around,, i'm talking mistreated too the 2nd power, and a good whore will just sit there and watch in silence
You're Whored!!!
by Dpcx April 16, 2004
Top Definition
to be made fun of horribly.
Yo dat pimp got whored son!
by charley watts April 10, 2004
Raped, Owned, Pwned, Bitched, Taken.
Tom: "Did you see the fight i had yesterday?"
John: "Yeah mate, you got WHORED!!!"
by [3KB] January 12, 2009
The act of having had thousands of freinds added to you on myspace by another person on myspace. Myspace kings and queens will post bulletins that say add this person and i will comment your pics. The king or queens thousand of friends add the person and that person has now officially been whored.
" dude i got Trisch Vicous to whore me and now i have 5k freinds on my myspace, ive now officially been whored"
by ziiit skiit August 02, 2007
v. to do really well in or be at the top of a certain activity (also whoring)
you have whored the stats today!
by s33d March 28, 2003
inj. A remark that expresses disbelief toward something.
v. Like owned, except more universal and doesn't make you look like a noob when you say it. Can be applied to anything you want.
inj. Kevin: Man I just dropped all my cigarettes. James: Whored.

v. Michael Jordan whored all his competition. I just got whored by an ace on the river.
by Cds March 31, 2006
When u have just got layed by a whore
I got whored for last night
by Paul C June 01, 2003
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