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To prepare onself in going out, with the intention of getting laid by dressing in provacative and sluty outfits.
"After Christine broke up with me, she decided to get all whored up to go out with her friends"
by Badass Nick August 08, 2003
"Whored Up" is a term used when someone was intentionally ignored or unacknowledged when spoken to and/or greeted.
(Note: This may just be a baltimore thing.)
"Chris walked right by me without saying anything. I just got whored up!"
Can also be used in different forms.
From a different perspective:
"Damn yo, he just whored you UP!"
by shrews May 15, 2007
Adjective: Any item which is excessively decorated, outfitted, garnished or otherwise embellished. This phrase derives from the excessive makeup stereotypically worn by prostitutes.
Did you see Dave's new boat? He's got it all whored up.
by guppypants May 24, 2010
a military term used to describe how fucked up a plane or helocopter is. commonly used by upstate new yorkers
that plane is so whored up it wont ever fly again
by Shtoink September 27, 2006
This is another name for a pregnant woman. Often used by intellects and graduates to describe someone who has obviously been involved in a sex act within the last 9 months.
Jenny: Look at the size of her, she looks like a whale.
Sara: Hey, don't be so hard on her, she went to some swingers party a few months ago and got herself "Whored Up" by some guy, she is due in about 4 months.
Jenny: That will teach her. And she still looks like a whale, even if she is "Whored Up".
by Paul Fleming July 13, 2006
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