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A term used in the sales industry to signify a market that is based on people dropping prices to get the sale. In other words, there are 10 competitors selling products that are very similar. The lowest price wins. This market is considered "whored-out".
Copier sales is whored out.
by beasely February 27, 2008
1.To get exceptionally drunken and act a fool. 2.To party act a pace that is considered foolish, but to do so on purpose. 3.Not as bad as getting whored out and trashy. 4. When a whore has a very long career and retires.
Man I went to that party and got whored out. I was the life of the party.
by THE "BT" July 06, 2006
A woman who does everything in her power to portray herself in a slutty fashion. In behaviour, as well as dress code.
"Did you see how Heather was acting at the party? What the fuck was up with that?"

"Dude...Since Mike broke up with her, she's totally whored out.".
by D. Gould August 23, 2008

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