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brandons word duh bitch!
'ashley's a whore cake'
by brandon April 07, 2005
A generic insult, typically in reference to a female. It does not relate at all to one's comfort with her sexuality or fondness for pastry.
Emma, without relating to her comfort with her sexuality or fondness for pastry, is a whorecake.
by Pan-Chan November 30, 2003
a cake with a delightful vaginal waste topping; a person who is a whore.
I cant beleive Mike slept with Britanny, shes such a fucking whore cake.
by THE resa October 01, 2006
Being consumed by all around bitchiness. A general term related to anything whore-...ie whorebean, whore sandwich, whorepie.
There's nothing sexual about a whorecake.......just a world of bitch.
I can't believe that whorecake can't walk 2 feet to strain herself and help out a coworker.
by daisymom August 30, 2010
Chicks who try to look like nice sweet things, but they are wut makes our society look like shit.
They are total whorecakes! Why are they even here? Shouldn't they be on some corner?
by Ellosolz December 04, 2008