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an automatic program designed to annoy and entice AOL Chatroom users into visiting a pornographic site. And AOL does nothing about it!
amy1234:Hi 21/f, click here to see my pics
by Fakkahugh January 06, 2004
Robots on twitter who follow you as a result of you repetitively talking about something (bots) , they tend to unfollow you as soon as you stop talking about their topic. Therefore they are never loyal to those who they follow (whore). Hence whorebots. They are for advertising.
I talked a lot about my iPod and picked up a whorebot called iPodsforyou on twitter, it unfollowed me next day, bloody whorebots!
by Bobby Kryptonite December 08, 2010
One of a race of Robotic Prostitutes, constantly at war with their evil counterparts, the Prosticons. Usually credit/debit, but will accept $1, $5, and $10 bills. Friction burns from Rust may result.
1. "Cody, what took you so long with the air pump?"
"I touched it the wrong way, and the Whorebot tried to cut me!"
by razorninja February 23, 2008
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