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What is now a popular phrase shared playfully amongst teenagers of the modern era has humble beginnings of being coined by mere whim. Having two meanings, the first being a mix of its roots, whore and orbitz, literally meaning superwhore, otherwise known as a skank, and the second being "little bits of whore", thus whorebits, and misspelling the s for a z making it more asthetically pleasing, the word soon became a mix of its two definitions. Taking the superwhore meaning and the little bits of whore, a new meaning was forged. Someone who was a little bit of a superwhore, aka skank, but was just a poser, and not really a full on whore. Teenagers would relate to this definition better as a "wannabe skank."
Anan: God Tom, stop wearing your skirt so short, we all know you won't have sex until you are 40, so you can be the next 40 year old virgin. You whorebitz!
by Ananymoussss August 04, 2007
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