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A lesbian fanatic; one who is obsessed with lesbians
source: youtube's user "whorebasket" has many lesbian videos
That guy is such a whorebasket!
by whorebasket December 29, 2006
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The gift that you send to someone that you had sex with the night before. (Coined by the Sklar Brothers.)
Derek Jeter sends one-night stands home in a car with a whorebasket full of Yankee memorabilia in the trunk.
by TeddyKGB March 25, 2012
One who is beyond the normal skanky-ness of a whore, one who has eclipsed the title slut, skank, ho-bag, ho-skank, and whore.
Dude, Whitney, stop being such a whorebasket, just because that hobo told you to suck his dick doesn't mean you have to.
by Hula Mula February 24, 2005
1. A basket which a whore may sit in
2. A derogatory name akin to whore bag
Toni is such a whore basket
by Jordanzorz November 17, 2006

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