when you consume an excess of pubic hair while "going down" on a whore.
I spent so long servicing HER that I coughed a whoreball. It was gross.
by Jasons UrbanDictionary February 26, 2008
1)Any of a pair of balls(testicles) residing in the posession of a woman who exchanges sexual gratification for money.

2)The as-yet unexcised balls(testicles) of a male transexual from whom sexual gratification is purchased, for money(presumably for the ball-removing procedure) or pogs(worth money everywhere but the U.S. and Canada).

3)Expletive(late Amer. jargon) used to describe stress facetiously
"Goddamn titfucking whoreballs! Get off your cell phone and drive, bitch."

"No, its just that I've been on hold for 73 minutes and you're the third human being I've spoken to... I... well, of course I want to resolve my problem quickly... look, I have a job, too, and I take pride in it. That's not... you're... Shit-stabbing son of a WHOREBALLS will you let me finish??

...Thank you."
by CName March 20, 2011

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