The deep tan color of skanks that do nothing but go to tanning booths and have sex. See Snooki.
Girl 1: She is such a slut.
Girl 2: How do you know?
Girl 1: Look at her! She's wearing booty shorts, no bra, and her skin is practically whorange!
by Creative@College April 11, 2010
Top Definition
1.) some whore who goes to tanning salons every day and gets fake tans ends up turning orange. 2.) something that finally rhymes with orange.
"Why is that girl orange?"
"You mean the whore in the skimpy outfit?"
"Yeah...that whorange."
"I hope she dies from skin cancer."
"We all do...we're taking bets."
by artgarrickamy September 10, 2005
Skin colour caused by using cheap fake tanning lotion
Her huge gold earrings clashed with her whorange skin
by Monodon July 27, 2004
A girl who goes way overboard on the tanning bed or fake spray tan in an effort to look hot, but just ends up looking like an orange skank.
"Damn, that girl's totally whorange."
by Barth.Vader March 25, 2010
The color girls' skin turns as a result of excessive tanning
Damn, Jess has been to Hollywood Tans every day this week, she's starting to turn whorange.
by Bnizzel November 02, 2007
A shade of bad spray tan, resulting in girls looking like slutty Oompa Loompas.

(See also, Snooki)
Did you see Courtney? Her spray tan came out whorange
by J011y February 27, 2011
Usually a woman in her 50's who is holding onto her youth but tans way too much and has become orange through tanning. Usually an x stripper and a whore. =. Whorange
Rhonda is trying to screw mudflap but he thinks she is a Whorange.
by Stevie Sioux city August 13, 2012

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