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making hard sex
im making whoopee to my hot girlfriend.
by GH April 26, 2003
45 55
1920's phrase for a fun or exciting place/activity, sometimes sex. Often used as 'make whoopee' which refers to sex.
"Start the car, I know a whoopee spot..."
by anonymous July 31, 2003
239 75
To make love.
So she came over to my place and we made some whoopie.
by Bungalow Bill January 30, 2002
92 27
the old person word for sex
Old man: Hey margeret, wanna go make some whoopee?
Margeret: O yes cletus
by james13 August 28, 2006
75 31
An exclamation of excitement. Could be used because of a suprise.
A new car for my birthday? WHOOPEE!
by Jared Bishop June 16, 2004
74 35
A slang term used first thing in the morning after a party when a yellow stain is discovered on the floor.
Aww man, whoopee on the floor?
by Murph March 31, 2004
18 53